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Pinks Peak in Solatario area of Terlingua Ranch.

Block G12 Lot 61. Tr# 2744 20 Ac $8000

Property ID: 26932

Address: South County Road
Zip: 79852
Price: $8,000
Lot Size: 20 Ac
Annual Property Tax: $64
POATRI Fees: $180
Status: Active

Full Description: When we can, we use photos from the property & on the property. When we get these listings it may take a week to 10 days before we get actual photos, so we try to put pictures of the area typical of this area Block G-12, Section 61, 20 Ac Very scenic & unimproved & remote. 10 Miles straight line north of Hwy 170 & 18 miles by road North of 170. Tract 2744. Subject to Terlingua Ranch Maintenance Fees of $180 Per year. Corners marked but no survey.However this is platted & filed in the county court house in Alpine No restrictions in Terlingua Ranch. Ranch has cabins, swimming pool, cafe, office, RV spaces & tent camping. There is no gas sales at the ranch. Closest is Study Butte about 25 miles south. You will find the staff at the lodge friendly & helpful. Please call us in advance to preview any of our listings and bring your own off road vehicle. Be sure to visit the Big Bend National Park & State Park while you are in the area. Just a note read when you have time- Some of the things that might help in your search for your ideal property. ***** Brewster County is an old ranching area and many of the lands for sale have not been surveyed or improved. Fences were put up for convenience not boundary Lines. Many owners have never seen their property, buying off the internet or inheriting it. Locating property on your own can be time consuming and can be discouraging as roads exist that are not on the maps and roads that are on the maps may not be accurate. West Texas Realty can only show you land that it has listed and relies solely upon the original plat maps, tax records and information given to us by the seller or heirs for the sellers and does not warrant this information to be correct. If you need to know if a certain tree, rock or boundary line is on the subject property you are looking to purchase, consult a licensed surveyor of your choice. We cannot do that for you or recommend one. Make sure that person has an valid surveyor license. Understand that the terms "Draws, Creeks, Seasonal Springs" are all terms that the bottom line means that water runs there sometime and sometime it may not, or it may not of ever run there. Creeks can change course when water runs through them, moving dirt around, creating deeper draws and washing away rock & trees It can really change the geography of the land and change your boundary's. There are several military training routes in this area so the possibilities of low flying aircraft may exist. Minerals in this area for the most part are . Minerals are what we call fee simple- meaning the seller gives you what he has IF he has any.This is not an area that has gas or oil wells (meaning South County & Terlingua area) West Texas Realty wants you to find the property you are looking for and be able to enjoy the entire experience. This is a great community and we would like to welcome you to our area. Please use good common sense when in a territory you are unfamiliar with and use due diligence in purchasing property to make sure it is everything you are wanting. Remember that most Realtors work for the seller as do we. We work as a buyers agent in transactions where we do not already represent the seller. There are Realtors, real estate agents & land dealers. Make sure you know the difference. ASK! WE WILL NEVER CHARGE TO SHOW YOU PROPERTY OR TO LIST PROPERTY. Distance North of Hwy 170 is 105 miles in a straight line or 18 miles by road.

Other Features
  • Big Bend Motor Inn-Study Butte
  • Chili Pepper-Study Butte
  • High Sierra-Terlingua
  • La Kiva-Terlingua
  • Rio Bravo -Study Butte
  • Association Fee
  • Bad Rabbit Cafe- Terlingua Lodge
  • Clubhouse
  • Pool

  • Solitario
  • South Brewster County
  • Terlingua
  • Terlingua Ranch

Latitude: 29.4712
Elevation: 3064 to 3126 approximately
Longitude: -103.6389
Pinks Peak in Solatario area of Terlingua Ranch.
This SW of subject property but not taken from or of the property.
Pinks Peak in Solatario area of Terlingua Ranch. thumb_1046_2744234.jpg Spring Cactus Flowers Topo of subject Property
Pink outline is Subject Property